“Obama Should Be Impeached.”

October 28, 2010
Official presidential portrait of Barack Obama...

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Roughly a third of self-declared Republicans agree with the statement “Obama should be impeached.” But what does that even mean?

First off, not all Republicans are equal. The third being referenced here are the ones composing the Tea Party, certainly the most baffling and misunderstood group in America today. I think the biggest confusion with them, though, is that they don’t speak literally. They speak emotionally. So when they say something like “Obama should be impeached,” they don’t mean that he has committed a criminal offense which is beyond his reach as President and should therefore be subject to inquiry. They don’t know what ‘impeached’ means. This was apparent when everyone was outraged that after Clinton was impeached, he still got to be President.

What they mean is this: “the emotion that we had towards Clinton, the emotion that the other side had towards Bush, we have that emotion towards Obama.” Clinton was impeached; liberals demanded that Bush be impeached; therefore, Obama should be impeached. The English language isn’t built for these folks to be able to express what they want to express, but they get pretty close when they say things like “I want my country back.” It’s not an attack on race, as many accuse it of being. It’s an expression of emotion.

But this idea that Tea Partiers are stupid or uneducated or don’t know the Constitution—it’s not true or false, it’s moot. They don’t work in a world of facts and semantics. They are happy when they’re euphoric and they’re angry when they’re not, and so long as Obama is in office, anything that gives them a bad feeling gets assigned negative words; they don’t care which negative words they use, so long as the degree of emotion is accurate, so they just use whatever words were used in that context before.