I Hate Bill Frist

June 15, 2010

Over the years, I’ve expressed a good deal of respect for a variety of conservatives… people like Bill Kristol, Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly, etc. I may not agree with them, and one might say that anyone can make their case sound good if they aren’t tethered by reality or facts, but all of them have said things at one time or another where I think, you know, I support your right to say that. I disagree, but I do so in a way that I would love to discuss the issue with you. They present things eloquently, respectfully, and show that they put real thought in it, and have been willing to have a debate on the issues, stand by their principles even when it isn’t to their advantage, and even give the opposition a chance to speak. Not always, but there are times.

Now, I just had a chance to hear Bill Frist talk on Bill Maher’s show. And I can say with confidence that the man is an ignorant, intolerant, no-good hack whose sole intent is to benefit himself at the expense of others. He is so detached from humanity that he preaches his beliefs in a way that reveals their very absurdity, because he’s simply too inhuman to realize what he’s saying. He can’t formulate an intelligent response to honest questions, and the fact that anyone knows his name is proof that there are too many people out there who feel that it is their right to rule the world, and wish we could go back to a time when black people were slaves, women were servants, and progressives were in jail. He condones a world that, if made real, would lead to the complete degradation of society as we know it, and THAT is not an opinion that I feel should or can be defended by the right of free speech. The only time he says something respectable, it’s because he’s regurgitating a prepared and polished conservative talking point.

This is one of those very few times where I honestly believe that anyone who takes Bill Frist’s side on anything except medicine (he’s a multimillionaire surgeon) is a danger to society.