Jebipus Rex

I think there’s something deliciously ironic about the predicament Florida is in over their voter purges.

Florida Governor Rick Scott is in trouble for ordering a voter purge of so-called “non-citizens,” which is looking more and more obvious that what he’s really doing is targeting Hispanics in general. Which is in direct violation of the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

What I love about this is that Florida has purged their voter rolls before… in 2000, Jeb Bush issued a purge list under the auspice of purging so-called “criminals.” As with the recent case, there were more people on the rolls guilty of being black than there were guilty of actual felonies. If he had not done that purge, Gore would have likely won Florida, and with it the Presidency.

But his brother Bush got the Presidency instead, who, despite being… well, Bush, was pretty sympathetic toward the Hispanic folk. That’s probably some small part of why he signed an extension of the Voting Rights Act in 2006 with much pomp and circumstance. Now, it would have passed no matter who was President at the time, I’m not suggesting that Florida sealed its own fate, but I enjoy the poetic justice that their first unjustifiable purge put the pen in the hand of the man who ensured that the second purge was just as illegal as the first.


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