The GOP Debates continue…

So many great quotes from the South Carolina debate.

Gingrich: “the point of this is not to attack each other, the point of this is that every single one of us is better than President Obama.” No, Newt, the EXACT AND ONLY point to a primary debate is to determine which candidate is the best candidate out of the Republican Party, and has nothing to do with Obama. The general election is where you show that you’re better than Obama. That seems like about as basic as civics gets.

Santorum, on when he would overrule his advisors: “I’ll go into the office with a clear agenda, and I’ll surround myself with people who share my point of view. I have a history of civil service in a not-particularly-conservative state, and I surrounded myself with people who would do what I told them to do.” I’m amazed at how forthright he always is that he’ll ensure that anyone who even moderately disagrees with him on anything will have absolutely no say whatsoever in anything, and that he will turn the United States into an outright fascism.

My favorite quote from Cain he actually said several times. It was “period, however…” For example “I don’t believe in torture, period. However, I believe that waterboarding is an enhanced interrogation technique that can be very useful.” That’s exactly the opposite of what ‘period’ means, unless he’s saying that “I don’t believe in torture (that wasn’t used in the medieval) period.” He’s as bad as Biden is with the word “literally.”

The most interesting part with Romney was when he said that Obama did the right thing by having an American-born terrorist killed, which was really a very right-wing thing to do, and several people in the audience loudly booed him, thus proving that they like Muslim terrorists more than they like Obama. How surprised were they when every other person on stage explicitly agreed with Romney, including the moderators? And they got REEEEEEALLY confused when Bachmann sided with the President!


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